Product Prices

Direct sale of meat and meat products in Angus Burger in the Shopping center Olympia Plzeň. Possible orders at tel. 725 555 681. The possible purchase of meat and products at Angus Steak House Pilsen, Pražská Street 23, by phone call at 725 555 631, Angus Grill Restaurant Kajetánka (here also a sales corner and e-shop) tel. 702 077 030. You can send orders by e-mail to

Beef Angus Banger (66% beef, 23% pork)
220,- /kg
Beef Angus Sausage (71% beef, 8% lard )
170,- /kg
Beef Angus Grilling Sauseges (71% beef, 8% lard )
170,- /kg
Beef Angus Small Sausages (50% beef, 25% pork, 8% lard)
155,- /kg
Price list of meat

The price of meat is for 1kg (with VAT 15%). The meat is vacuum-packed.

Beef Round
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