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High-quality ingredients and unique technology of meat preparation, two basic things that have brought us success in the gourmet world. Try our specialities in the pleasant atmosphere of the restaurant, in summer on the terrace directly by the lake hidden in the center of Pilsen.









Rodina Silovských, Angus Plzeň


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Aberdeen Angus
is a meat breed of cattle originally from northeastern Scotland, where it was bred in the 18th century. This breed is naturally polled, black in color. In recent years, red color has become very popular - Red Angus.

The meat of young bulls of this breed is one of the most delicious steak meat for its specific taste and distinctive marble. It is tender, juicy and fragrant. Taste.

Our goal is successfull
breeding of breeding animals.


Register using the form and become a member of Steak Friends Club. We will enter about 8% bonus from your bill to your club card.

After you collect credit from these bonuses, you can then pay your bill with your club card. The card is also valid in our other restaurant Angus Grill Restaurant Kajetánka, in Sedláčkova Street 2 in Pilsen.


Become a member of the club

Please your parents, friends or your clients and make them a present of this gift voucher full of gastronomic experiences for birthday, Christmas or other occasions.

The voucher can be sent by cash on delivery or by transfer to the account (9292971001/5500) via the form or purchased directly at the restaurant Angus Steak House in Pilsen in Pražská St. 23.

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Great news for all burger lovers!

Soon you can look forward to another addition to the family of Angus restaurants, right in the center of Pilsen.

In autumn we are going to open the Angus Burger Bistro with a farm shop in Pražská Street, where you can not only enjoy burgers from quality beef meat, but also bring home a package of our meat products. . 

We will inform you about the opening on...

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