Aberdeen Angus
is a meat breed of cattle originally from northeastern Scotland, where it was bred in the 18th century. This breed belongs among the genetically lethargic, cloaky black. In recent years, it has become a very popular red color - Red Angus.

The cattle live in the pasture for free, the calves are kept by their mother and for a longer period of time they are nursed, they only feed on the grass and in the winter, the food does not contain hormones, or even fattening meals.

The main advantages of the breed are ease of body, excellent maternal ability, excellent fertility, excellent grazing ability, longevity, resistance to weather conditions. Completely unmatched is the quality of the meat for which the Angus breed is recognized and desired worldwide. Adult cows measure at a withers about 135 cm at a weight of 650-700 kg. The breed is very early, mothers are first in two years. Calves are viable, with their mother tied up with a strong bond, they excel with solid health and rapid growth. At the end of the pasture they normally have a weight of 300 kg.

High daily gains allow for slaughter weight at 16-17 months of age. The meat of young bulls of this breed is one of the most delicious steak meat for its specific taste and distinctive marble. It is fragile, juicy and fragrant.

Organic farming meat has less calories and fat than industrial meat, and is also richer in omega-3 fatty acids that are important to our health. Thanks to a healthy diet of cattle, biohasis contains 2 more beta-carotene, which reduces the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Organically reared animals must not be exposed to stress that adversely affects the quality of the meat, breeders shall also supervise the time of transport and the method of slaughter.

All this guarantees unrivaled meat quality while preserving all the important nutrients.

This breed was first imported to Bohemia in 1991, mainly from Canada but also from Germany, Denmark and Austria. In 1993, Angus Breeders Association was established in the Czech Republic. In the same year ecological breeding of predominantly black angus was founded, the company Šumavský Angus s.r.o.

Breeding began with an import of 10 cows in calves from Canada. Today the company has around 450 heads and manages about 350ha of meadows.

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Šumavský angus farm


Ecological cattle farming Šumavský Angus s.r.o., farmed by its founder Mr. Silovský senior and his family, guarantees quality of the meat that we deliver to our restaurants: Angus Steak House, Angus Grill Restaurant Kajetánka, Angus Burger in shopping center Olympia and soon also to Angus Burger bistro with direct sale of our meat and meat products in Pilsen.

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